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Breanna Register, CCBMA

Breanna is a certified medical assistant who completed her medical assisting program in Bakersfield, CA. She has over ten years of experience working in primary care and mental health settings in a patient-focused health-care environment.


The impetus for Breanna entering the field of medicine occurred when she was younger and observed a close family member’s experience navigating the health-care system. This early experience instilled in her the philosophy she now embodies to provide high-quality care to all patients. With her expertise in patient care coordination, Breanna is continually driven to go above and beyond to make sure all patient experiences are welcoming and positive.


Breanna puts patients’ health first and allows them to receive care regardless of whether they live in California, Oregon, New York, Alaska, or the state of Washington; each patient will be treated with the same level of exceptional care. It is Breanna’s goal to make sure that every patient’s mental health visit is handled accurately and promptly.


In her downtime, Breanna enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

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